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Stone Arch Bridges

Cowley County is home to 18 Stone Arch Bridges. You will find that Gallery 1001 has the largest collection of photos and paintings of these structural masterpieces in the County. All of which are available for purchase. We hope you will stop in and see how our artists have been captured these historic monuments. Cowley County isn't the only place which has Stone Arch Bridges. You will also find bridges from other counties and states. Gallery 1001 is quite proud of our selection abnd looks forward to the opportunity to show them off to you.

Thompson Stone Arch Bridge, Gallery 1001, Kansas
 Gallery 1001, Kansas, Cowley County, From Stone Arch Bidge

Thompson Bridge

For Purchase in the Gallery are both Framed Prints and Matted Prints. Special sizes can be ordered upon request.

From Bridge

Gallery 1001, Kansas, Andreas Stone Arch Bridge.

Andreas Bridge

Silver Creek Bridge
Stewart Creek.jpg
Stone Arch Bridges of Cowley County, Crab Creek Bridge, Kansas
Kansas, Cowley County, Winfield, Stone Arch Bridge, Crab Creek

Crabb Creek 

Kansas, Cowley County, Stone Arch Bridges, Rock Creek

Rock Creek

Rock Creek

 Stewart Creek

Turkey Creek Bridge
Ellis Creek Bridge

"I'm just going to stay here, in the darkness under the arch. I can hear you all out there, trip-trapping, trip-trapping over my bridge.
Oh yes, I can hear you.
But I'm not coming out."

— Neil Gaiman

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