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Things I don't Talk About Enough....But Should!

When I open the doors to Gallery 1001 I am always amazed at the group of artists who have chosen our little, small town gallery to exhibit their art. I am amazed at the talent of those who's art hangs within the gallery. I am amazed that somehow, I am in a position to view the works of those artists looking for a place to showcase their work. That I get to see it before the public. Sometimes even before the member-artists of Gallery 1001. However, I think the thing that I find most amazing is the fact that I get to spend my days surrounded by these people, these artists, and their magnificent paintings, drawings, clay work, sculptures, photography, and more.

It's funny, I write the press releases for Gallery 1001 and I am always excited when I see a guest artist's bio. There have been some where I have read about the awards they have won, how their work has placed in shows, and how their careers as artists have progressed.

But, there are times when I get so wrapped up in a guest artists accomplishments that I overlook those of our member-artists. It's true. When I have the opportunity to read their bios and see the accomplishments and the awards, and recognition they have achieved, I am always in awe of them.

For example, Peggy Thomas who happens to be an incredibly detailed painter, had a wonderful article written about her and her art taking first place in the professional painting category of Arkansas City's, "Art is Ageless," showing.

One can almost imagine themselves standing from this vantage. Feeling the cool mountain air while enjoying such scenic beauty,

Photographer and member-artist Mike Ciskowski recently placed first in a contest on Fine Art America for this black and white photo titled, "Ultimate Man-Cave."

The fact is, there have been so many of our member and guest artists at Gallery 1001 who have been recognized and placed in various judged shows throughout the state and I have had the honor and pleasure to not just see their work, but to meet and speak with them. Being able to be with these artists and listen to their creative process makes it easy for me to show patrons and customers their works and speak of the artist on a more personal level.

Suffice it to say, "I love my job," and would love to share these works and imformation to all who visit Gallery 1001. I hope to see you there soon.

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