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Peggy Thomas

Peggy is a local artist whose career started after obtaining a degree in Art at Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa OK. She pursued a career in teaching art. She also helped paint set designs for plays in local schools here in Cowley County. Having retired, she now paints for her passion, while learning new skills and techniques . Peggy also does work on consignment upon request.

Sunflower, Garden, leaves, Gallery 1001, Winfield, Cowley County Kansas Art
Garden, Stepping Stones, Flowers, Gallery 1001 lacated in Winfield Cowley County Kansas
Bartlett Arboretum, Belle Plaine Kansas

Arboratum in Belle  Plain, Kansas



Cover Bridge, landscape, Gallery 1001 located Winfield Cowley County Kansas
Yarrow Plant, desert, white bells
Trees, Snow, Winter Time, Low sun
Come into the Gallery to see all her latest work.

“I think of something I read about Sargent: how in portraiture, Sargent always looked for the animal in the sitter (a tendency that, once I knew to look for it, I saw everywhere in his work: in the long foxy noses and pointed ears of Sargent’s heiresses, in his rabbit-toothed intellectuals and leonine captains of industry, his plump, owl-faced children).”
― Donna Tartt

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